Hotel Operations

The right solutions to take your business to the next level.

Our team at Boost Hospitality has the hotel management experience and know-how in the hotel industry to know well what it takes to run a successful hotel business.

For those hoteliers/hotel owners who choose to be fully involved in the day to day operation of their hotel and seek professional support to take their property to the next level, we can offer a varierty of consulting services.

Our services aim at improving guest satisfaction, operational efficiency and effectiveness, increasing revenue and minimising costs. Depending on your needs we can always find the appropriate solution that will bring the desired results for your business.

Bar/Restaurant concept development and set up
Drinks Menu & Staff Training
Development of Existing Food or Drinks Offerings
Equipment & Supplies Purchasing
Standard Operating procedures
Hotel Operations Assessment & Turnaround recommendations
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Revenue & Sales Advisory (Initial set up, and ongoing advice on monthly or bi-weekly basis)
Hotel Software set up and training
Hotel Development Advisory

Our Services

Specialized for your needs​

Reservations Management​

We professionally handle all communication with guests to increase direct bookings, total revenue and improve guest experience. We take the workload and the extra cost off of your shoulders.

Sales & Revenue Management​

We set ambitious targets and create strategies to maximise profits, minimise costs and the reliance on specific channels. We maximise revenue by achieving the right balance between occupancy and average rates.

Brand & Reputation

We enhance your online presence in alignment to create a solid brand, increase commercial value and guest loyalty.

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