Focus on winning the customer, maximising revenue & guest satisfation

Hotel reservations may be the most standard, demanding and time-consuming aspect of a hotel operation. However, it is undeniably one of the most important hotel functions. It has a key role in delivering a consistent customer service experience, winning the customer and building loyalty! Every point of contact with customers is an opportunity!

We can take the workload off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on the hotel operation, to offer your guests the best experience, build strong relationships and loyal customers who will become your brand ambassadors. Our team has the experience and passion for customer service, and apply tactics to win the customer, offer high levels of guest satisfation and maximise hotel revenue via upselling techniques.

We fully handle all communication with guests in a timely and professional manner from the moment of an enquiry until after the departure. Of course, we always keep you informed about guests’ preferences in order to be prepared to offer them the best experience.

Requests via Phone, Email, Website, Social Media & Online Platforms​
Handling of all enquiries, modifications & cancellations
Management of Booking Engine & Online Booking Platforms
Handling of Property Management System and Channel Manager​
Scheduled emails/messages to guests
Standard operating procedures for related departments

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Sales & Revenue Management​

We set ambitious targets and create strategies to maximise profits, minimise costs and the reliance on specific channels. We maximise revenue by achieving the right balance between occupancy and average rates.

Brand & Reputation

How you present yourself in the online world and what people are saying about you is becoming more important day by day.

Hotel Operations Consulting

For Hoteliers & hotel owners who seek the expertise and professional support that will take their business to the next level, we can offer the right solutions to ensure the maximum results.

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